Crossfit training at home



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To form a beautiful sports figure and maintain the body in a tone, it is not necessary to visit the gym or to do crossfit training. You can achieve the desired results at home, without leaving the comfort zone, saving money and time. Particularly popular are crossfit activities. This is a high-intensity training without stopping, which increases strength, endurance, stimulates the process of losing weight and helps build muscle mass.

Crossfit at home
Crossfit at home

Preparation for training

Before starting home training on crossfit, you must learn the basic rules and principles of the exercise. The duration is an average of 20 minutes, during which it is necessary to work with maximum intensity without interruption. Putting to the full, you are training the muscles, heart and breathing system. You can easily get rid of excess weight, subcutaneous fat and form an ideal figure. More details with the principles and benefits of the training process can be found in the relevant topic ” Crossfit at home “.

What will be required for home training?

First of all, prepare the room where the lesson will take place. It is important to ensure a maximum of free space, remove all objects and things that can be traumatic. Take care of fresh air entering the room by opening the window.

Prepare all the necessary sports accessories, if the chosen exercises imply their use. It can be a gym mat (mat), a skipping rope, weights, dumbbells, a bar and the like. At home, you can use homemade weighting: bottles with water or sand. Advantage will be the presence of bars or crossbeams.

Be sure to take care of sportswear, which should be as comfortable as possible, so as not to restrict movement and do not interfere with the performance of exercises. Particular attention is paid to shoes, preferringsneakers. You can do exercises on the uneven bars outdoor.

Effective Exercises

Begin training with a warm-up, developing joints, ligaments and warming up the body. This will prepare the body for intensive training and reduce the risk of injury. Perform tilts and circular movements of the head, swinging hands, torso of the trunk and several exercises of low-intensity cardio (running or jumping in place) for inclusion in the work of the cardiovascular system. At the end of the warm-up, go to the main part of the training.

Exercises for training crossfit at home.

Burpee. Procedure:

  1. Stand up straight, feet with shoulder width apart. Put your hands along the trunk.
  2. Sit down, resting your palms on the floor.
  3. In a jump, set both legs back. Do push-ups by lowering the body as far down as possible and keeping your back flat.
  4. Return to the squat position, and then jump up as far as possible.

Repeat the exercise 10-15 times, constantly increasing the number of approaches as the physical strength and endurance increase.

Burpee exercise
Burpee exercise

Squats “pistol”. Stand up straight, raise your right foot straight ahead. Do squats on one foot at a fast pace the maximum number of times. Beginners can hold on to the support to keep their balance. More advanced athletes to increase the load is recommended to pick up weight or dumbbells.

Squats "pistol"
Squats “pistol”

Deep squats. Put your feet slightly wider than your shoulders by unfolding your socks outward. Do squats, stretching out even hands in front of you. Keep your buttocks down as far as possible, and your knees do not go beyond the line of socks. Squatting deeply, you maximally engage in the work of the hips and buttocks.

Variations of the previous exercise – explosive squats. After squatting, sharply push the body upward by running a jump and clapping your hands over your head. Do squats at an intense pace without a second delay.

Effective exercises for home crossfit
Effective exercises for home crossfit

Squats with a barbell (if the house has the necessary sports equipment). Spread your legs to the width of your shoulders. Take the bar grip and grab the bar by the neck. Perform the exercise, observing the basic principles of squatting with the load.

Rise of legs. Grasp the crossbar with a wide, straight grip. Bend the legs in the knee joints and pull them to the chest. Do the movements as quickly as possible, however, take care that the body does not swing. Pull your legs up, straining the muscles of the press.

Explosive push-ups. Accept the position for the classic version of the exercise. Perform the push-up and from the bottom point maximally push the body up, tearing your hands off the floor (trained athletes can make cotton).

Explosive push-ups for home crossfit
Explosive push-ups for home crossfit

In the training program, you can also include jumping rope (classic or on one leg), different variations of push-ups (with weighting, sloping, etc.), squats, jumping jacks, lunges, exercise “climber”, jumping to the surface and so on.

Girl after crossfit at home workout
Girl after crossfit at home workout

For crossfit at home, various exercises can be used. Make the program so that all activities are interesting and varied. Do not forget to follow the basic rules and principles of the training in order to achieve the maximum result.