Exercises for women at home

Exercises for women at home

Exercises for women at home

Exercises for women at home – an unambiguously topical topic for the lion’s share of women and girls who for their own reasons do not have the opportunity to engage in sports outside the home, while very much want to be in good shape.

I think the most want to know about the basic exercises in the home of a woman, because at home most mothers would like to train.
Therefore, if you can train vumbilding in breaks for their sleep, or while they are watching TV or a computer, it can happen at home.Life is busy with children, many know!

So, let’s start with the testosterone cypionate bodybuilding.

Well trained abdominal muscles, the right diet to reduce fat build-up and, last but not least, fluid retention in the body are the three main factors to achieve a flat stomach.

Knowing a series of exercises that can be done at home is useful for everyone.

Sometimes I even have difficulties because I can not find the time to go to the gym and the more so, it should be much harder for the mothers staying at home.

Therefore, here is a useful list of basic exercises for women at home and 3 rules for fat burning.

The best basic exercises for women

Before explaining what exercises for women are the best and how to perform them, I want to clarify how and why one will not be enough.

Between the abdominal muscles and the skin there is always a thin or thick layer of fat, which you must reduce to show that under it, 6 cubes.

Getting rid of abdominal fat is possible only by combining anaerobic load (running, cycling, swimming, etc.) lasting 30-60 minutes. 3 times a week.

At the end of this phase and before stretching, finally, you can start exercises on the press.

Here, I think, is the best in terms of basic exercises for women at home:

Lifting legs: again, lying on his back with arms stretched along the body on the sides. We raise our legs straight up forming a corner with a floor of 90 degrees. Slowly return your feet to the ground. I would have slightly bent my knees all along the road.”Twisting” for the abdominal press: back on the floor, hands behind the head, feet above the ground. Begin doing in the air movement with your feet imitating cycling. This movement should occur with the touch of the elbow and the knee of opposite sides of the body. For example, when you pull up your left leg, the elbow of your right hand should touch the knee of your left foot and vice versa.

Lifting legs
Lifting legs

Scissors: Lying on your back, stretch your arms along the body to the sides (for balance) and tear your feet off the ground enough to allow them to move down and up. You can put your hands under the buttocks to improve balance. And you can cross your legs inside and out instead of moving up and down.

Scissors exercise
Scissors exercise

Alternative cross twisting “crunch” for the abdominal press: return to the initial position of twists and twist your body in such a way that your elbow reaches the opposite knee.”Twisting” for the abdominal press: lying with anavar insomnia back on the floor, the palms are taken into the lock and hands behind your head. Squeeze your shoulders and simultaneously pull your knees to your stomach. Or, leave your feet on the floor and just tear off the upper back from the floor.

Alternative cross twisting "crunch" for the abdominal press
Alternative cross twisting “crunch” for the abdominal press

Folding on the press: lying with your back on the floor, lift your arms above (head parallel to the floor) and keep your legs straight. Then lift your legs (slightly bent) and your body, so that you can connect your feet to your palms.

Folding on the press
Folding on the press

The roller for the press is also recommended. This is a difficult exercise, at the same time, people, it works! This is one of those exercises from which you really feel the burning sensation.

The roller for the press
The roller for the press

For each of these basic exercises for women at home, three sets of 15/20 repetitions are required.

This program takes about 10 minutes of your time and you can also do it every day.

Further measures to keep the active metabolism – is to move more: get up from the chair, make a quick walk, use the stairs instead of elevators.

Training is not enough though…

Someone might think that by doing these basic exercises for women with enviable constancy, in a very near future, on this beautiful day, she will be able to show an attractive and strong stomach.

Well… she can, if she is really a slender girl.

But usually there is some layer of fat that hides the cubes of the press, so even if it does train every day, it may seem that nothing has been achieved.

Basic female exercises should be combined with a healthy diet and cardio activity.

Do not forget to drink a huge amount of water and do not forget to eat!

Especially after a certain age, 35-38, a decrease in the daily intake of calories can lead to the opposite unwanted result: a slowing of metabolism and, as a consequence, the accumulation of fat.

It’s just a self-defense mechanism for our body.

I hope these basic exercises for women at home are useful for you, and if they are combined with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, I’m sure they will start working!