Exercises on the uneven bars

uneven bars

uneven bars

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To work out the upper body perfectly use exercises on the uneven bars. Such a sports simulator is not only in the gym, but also on almost every sports ground on the street. Occupations on the beams – this is an excellent alternative for those who can not attend the hall or who are opposed to heavy loads using heavy weight (for example, lifting the bar). To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to follow the technique of doing the exercises. It is also important to compose a program competently to work out the maximum number of muscles.

Exercises on the uneven bars
Exercises on the uneven bars

How correctly to work on uneven bars and what exercises are the most effective?

Rules and technique of training

To obtain the maximum result from training, it is important to follow the basic rules. First of all, remember, any activity should be preceded by a warm-up, helping to prepare muscles, joints, heart and respiratory organs for intensive workloads.

To get the desired effect will only help regular training, which are held 3-4 times a week. The duration of the lesson is determined individually, but it should not be less than 1 hour. Do 5 sets and 10-15 repetitions of each exercise. Gradually increase the load to achieve progress.

Depending on the goals pursued, you can include in the program various exercises aimed at working out different muscle groups. The main thing is that the training was varied and fun.

Exercises on the uneven bars
Exercises on the uneven bars

When working with weighting agents, be prepared for the appearance of painful sensations in the elbows. Especially acute pain is felt during the triceps. In order to avoid such negative phenomena, increase the load gradually.

At the end of the training process, do not jump off the bars, but go down calmly. This will avoid injury and damage to ligaments and tendons.

Do not engage in unstable bars or if the crossbeams are of different heights. Refuse to practice outdoors in rainy or snowy weather. Slippery simulator increases the risk of injury. As an option, you can use special gloves, but they do not give 100% guarantee. What is Vumbuilding?

What muscles swing on uneven bars?

Occupations on the uneven bars involve a variety of muscle fibers. Depending on the exercise performed, the muscles of the back, chest, arms and the press are included in the work. Ideally, this kind of training is suitable for
Examination of the shoulders, biceps and triceps.

Effective Exercises

The procedure for performing a classic push-up:

  1. Stand on the uneven bars, leaning on straight hands. Elbows are at the most convenient distance from the body.
  2. Keep your body level. Do not bend or swing.
  3. Legs should be crossed or squeezed tightly against each other.
  4. Lower the body down, bending the elbow joints, straining the muscles of the arms, shoulders and chest. The amplitude of movements depends on the level of physical fitness, the development of joints and the elasticity of the tendons.
  5. Return to the starting position.

Treating triceps. For this exercise, it is better to choose bars that are close enough to each other (the best option if their width corresponds to the width of your shoulders). Grasp the simulator, pressing your elbows to the body. The body must be perpendicular to the floor or ground. During push-up, bend the elbow joints until a right angle is formed. Do not lower the case much, since in this position the load is removed from the triceps and passes over to the chest and shoulders.

Effective exercises on uneven bars
Effective exercises on uneven bars

During the development of the pectoral muscles, the elbows should be maximally dilated, and the body slightly tilted forward. During exercise, lower as low as possible, so that all pectoral muscles are included in the work.

For pumping the press, stand on straight hands on the uneven bars. Do not swing pull your legs to the chest, bending them in the knee joints. Do the movements by using the power of the press. Similarly, you can perform the exercise by lifting the even legs in front of you or alternately lifting the right and left limbs up. The main thing is, during the movements do not swing and keep the balance.

Training on the uneven bars allow you to work your hands, shoulders, chest and press. At the same time, performing different variations of the same exercise, you can include different muscle fibers. To improve the effectiveness of the training and obtain the desired result, observe the basic principles of training and safety rules.