Testosterone Cypionate Dosage Bodybuilding: How and for What to Use in Mass Gaining and Cutting

testosterone cypionate dosage bodybuilding

Testosterone cypionate (cyclopentylpropionate) is another separate (mono) ether of testosterone, which is actively used in strength sports. Unlike enanthate and propionate, cypionate does not have the classical half-life. It ranges from four to eight days. Therefore, not everyone comes to choose the optimal scheme for using this ether. But more about that later. Like any other injectable variant of testosterone, cypionate ester has all the positive qualities inherent in this hormone:

  • testosterone cypionate dosage for bodybuildingGood stabilization of the androgen receptor;
  • Pronounced anabolic and androgenic effects;
  • Outstanding anti-catabolic abilities;
  • Increased organic production of GH and IGF – 1;
  • Glycogen supercompensation;
  • An increase in the number of specific receptors in muscle tissue;
  • Lubrication of the joints (on the cycle);
  • Enhanced red blood cell production;
  • Good effects on athletes with varying AAS experience.

In the same way as enanthate, cypionate is easily and simply converted into estradiol and dihydrotestosterone. With all the attendant phenomena. Both positive and negative.

For some reason, it is considered to be testosterone cypionate dosage bodybuilding more expensive version of testosterone enanthate. This is not true. If you carefully examine the ether chain of this ether, it becomes clear that it most closely resembles the ether chain of phenylpropionate. Certain differences are certainly present, but there is no dramatic difference. So, with good reason, cypionate can be called something average between enanthate and propionate.

The maximum concentration of testosterone after cypionate injection is observed after 48 hours. And it can stay at this level from four to eight days. This uncertainty with the half-life is the biggest problem in the case of testosterone cypionate dosage bodybuilding.

Being a mono ether, it acts smoothly and stably. Similarly, its level stably falls down after the cessation of activity. It is important, based on the subjective sensations, to guess at the frequency of injections. It is necessary to hurry, and you will encounter aromatization in all its glory. And if you are late, you will end up in a hormonal pit and roll back in the results.

That is why I said that not everyone will be able to make friends with this ether. But if you guess, then cypionate will become your favorite testosterone ester. My advice: start exploring testosterone by trying propionate and enanthate. And after that, communicate with cypionate ether.


1. SET OF WEIGHT. Here the situation is similar to enanthate. Testosterone cypionate dosage bodybuilding will contribute to a rapid and significant increase in body weight (all the same 10 kg for the standard ten-week cycle). Retain of which can be about half with proper selection of food.

  • Causes palpable fluid retention. In some cases, cypionate retains water more intensely than all other injectable testosterone esters.
  • Improve overall performance in training.
  • Accelerate recovery.
  • Facilitates the process of improving strength performance.
  • Provide pumping muscles with blood and pain relieve joints.
  • Protect meat from cortisol.

The active transformation of testosterone cypionate dosage bodybuilding to estradiol, only for the benefit of mass gaining. You will be big, strong and full on the cycle of this androgen. In addition, you are waiting for bonuses in the form of a good mood, high libido, good sleep and appetite. These are the true companions of any testosterone ester. Cypionate begins to act and be felt after two (much less often – three) days after the injection. The optimal cycle duration is 10 to 12 weeks.

2. CUTTING. Again, if you guessed with the frequency of injections of this ether, and you feel good testosterone, as such, then you can try to cut on the cypionate. But due to the strong flavoring, long mono ethers are not very suitable for the carcass design period.

3. PCT. Difficult moment. The surest way out will go and pass the analysis for total testosterone. Moreover, it will have to do this several times (most likely). This is if you did not manage to quickly adapt to the cypionate. Those who have this happened, they themselves will feel when you need to connect the reducing drugs. In general, it is customary to begin PCT after two half-lives of the active ingredient. In the case of cypionate, it is 8 – 16 days.

4. The drug is uniquely not for use by women if they want to remain so.

Testosterone Cypionate dosage bodybuilding

The objective weekly dose of testosterone cypionate is 300-1000 mg per week. Again, I advise you not to rise above 500 – 600 mg. This is more than enough. The frequency of injections (until you learn to individually approach this point) is one to two milliliters every third, fourth day. Depending on the concentration of the substance from a separate manufacturer.

Combination with other AAS

dosage of testosterone cypionate for bodybuildingLike any other ether, testosterone cypionate may be the only anabolic hormone on the cycle. And can be combined with:

  • Nandrolone (200 – 400 mg per week),
  • Trenbolone (200 – 400 mg per week),
  • Boldenone (600 – 800 mg per week),
  • Methenolone enanthate (Primobolan) (600 – 800 mg per week),
  • Methandrostenolone (30 – 50 mg per day),
  • Oxymetholone (50 – 100 mg per day).

On cutting, aromatase inhibitors are required (anastrozole / letrozole) parallel to cypionate. Of steroids:

  • Stanozolol (50 – 100 mg per day),
  • Trenbolone acetate (50 – 100 mg every other day),
  • Drostanolone propionate (100 mg every other day),
  • Mesterolone (Proviron) (50 – 100 mg per day).

With excessive fluid retention on the mass (sometimes it happens), eat AI (aromatase inhibitors) (anastrozole / letrozole).