Testosterone for Muscle Growth: How Testosterone Affects Muscles

Testosterone for Muscle Growth

Testosterone for Muscle Growth

Testosterone for muscle growth – how does testosterone affect the musclesWe analyze the questiondoes the hormone testosterone help muscle growthTherefore, let’s move on to that very reasonfor which you are here – a set of muscle mass.

So that… may be testosterone increases muscle?

Most visitors to the fitness room are thinkingthat testosterone to build muscle – the main factorwhich determineshow fast you can build muscle mass and lose fat.

And they ‘re right – indeedtestosterone affects on the growth of muscles.

Moreoverthe impact of testosterone on the growth of muscles is suchthat it is – the main hormone factor of growth of muscles.

Testosterone for Muscle Growth
Testosterone for Muscle Growth

The action of testosterone on the growth of musclesie.eon anabolic effect this hormone is so impressivethat one studyconducted by scientists of Charles the RDrew University of Medicine and Scienceshowedthat the testwhich were administered injections of testosterone gained considerable volume muscles and experienced significant burning of fat… even without performing the exercises.
In this wayit seemed to it a win-win optionthat than higher levels of this hormonethe more volume and a slimmer usright?

Wellit’s not that easy.

This assumption is trueif we ‘re talking about punching the level of testosterone ceiling (in the literal sensewith the help of steroidsbut that’s itthat the majority of visitors to the fitness room did not knowThe fluctuation levels of testosterone in the range of the normal range has very little impact on growthmuscle and fat burning.

Testosterone for Muscle Growth
Testosterone for Muscle Growth

Raising the level of this hormone does not give significant benefits to physique (body), yet you do not exceed the range of the physiological normand this can be achieved only by means of exogenous hormones (introduced in the bodynot of its own production). Read the article about sports nutrition.

We find plenty of evidence of how testosterone affects muscle in literature.

The study, conducted at the University of McMaster (McMaster University then) revealed, is whether the fluctuations in hormonal response influence on the set of muscle mass and increase strength in heavy athletics.

The subjects – youngtrained exercises with weights men – performed five powerlifting workouts in a week and adhere to the standard high-protein diet bodybuilders.

After twelve weeksthe scientists discoveredthat the participants experienced a completely different hormonal response to exercisebut these differences are not exerted significant influence on the growth of muscle mass and increase strength.

In other wordsthere were no significant differences between people, which experienced significant spikes anabolic hormones in the time and after the trainingand of thosewho survived more restrained hormonal reaction.

Yet one studyshould be notedwas conducted by scientists from of Charles the RDrew University of Medicine and Science.
Synthetic testosterone and drugs inhibit testosterone were usedto manipulate the levels of testosterone 61 younghealthy men.

After 20 weeks, the researchers found a dose-dependent relationship between this hormone and leg strength and strength (the higher the testosterone levelthe greater the strength of the legs)…

… but the effect has not been significant until the level of this hormone has not reached the value of about 1200 ng / dlthat approximately from 20 % to 30 % higher than the natural upper limit level of testosterone younghealthy men.

Testosterone for Muscle Growth
Level of testosterone

Increasing the strength and power had to aboveif you have the test powerliftingso no less than the results speak for yourself for yourself.
For even more understandinglet us consider a comprehensive review of studies of steroidconducted by scientists of the Maastricht University (Maastricht You University thenin 2004 year.

They foundthat the peoplelifting gravity on steroids were recruitedin averagefrom to 5kg of muscle mass for short periods (less than for ten weeks), and that the most rapid increase in muscle was kg in over the course of six weeks.
it It may sound impressivebut when you compare these figures with the factthat you can achieve a natural waynaturallyone quite clear :

If anabolic cocktail of drugswhich doubles or even satisfied with your level of this hormone does not necessarily cause in you ” plunges in shock ” increase muscle masswhichthenyou can expect to achieve with the relatively small increase in the level of testosteroneThe answeris almost nothing.

Nowhoweverit does not meanthat you do not need to take stepsto increase the level of testosterone.