Vumbilding – training program description



Vumbuilding is an innovative training program that is aimed at working out the vaginal muscles. Intimate gymnastics has gained immense popularity and in many gyms, there are classes in this direction. However, it is possible to train the muscles of the vagina at home, improving the quality of orgasm, strengthening women’s health, and increasing their sexuality.


What is vumbuilding, what is useful for intimate gymnastics, and what exercises are the most effective?

Vaginal muscle training

The wise nature inherent in every woman is the ability to control not only the muscles of the arms and legs, but also the muscles of the pelvic floor or, as they are called in other words, intimate muscles. These muscles are responsible for the most important aspects of women’s health, as well as for the ability not only to get an orgasm but also to give pleasure to a sexual partner through vaginal sex. But, despite this, most women not only do not train the vaginal muscles but, in principle, do not realize the existence of methods for the development of their sexuality.

Advantages of vumbuilding

Many women are embarrassed when they hear about vumbuilding  and do not understand the need for intimate gymnastics. However, conducted studies and surveys prove that strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor and vagina favorably affects sexual function and prevents many problems of the genitourinary system. Back training for men and women is here.

Advantages of training:

  • Normalization of the functioning of the genitourinary system and improving control over the process of urination. Such training will avoid accidents during pregnancy, and also reduce the risk of problems in old age.
  • Normalization of blood circulation in the area of ​​the vaginal muscles, normalization of the sexual system, and the quality of orgasm.
  • Regulation of the hormonal background and improvement of the microflora in the vagina.
  • Reducing the risk of ruptures and other problems during labor. Elimination of pain during menstruation.
  • Restoration of the muscles of the vagina after childbirth, the return of sensitivity, and plasticity.
  • Increased sexuality. Training of the vaginal muscles allows both partners to get maximum pleasure and pleasure from sex.
  • Reducing the risk of developing cancer of the uterus and other female genital organs.

Intimate gymnastics increases the production of pheromones, which attracts representatives of the opposite sex.


Despite a lot of advantages, vumbuilding has its own contraindications. Training of the vaginal muscles is contraindicated in the last stages of pregnancy, with cysts or fibroids, inflammatory diseases, or cancer. Increased blood flow can stimulate the growth of tumors and aggravate the course of gynecological diseases.

How to build vaginal muscles

A classic option for the development of intimate muscles is training in the Kegel system – a description of it can be found on the Internet or ask your gynecologist. Modern doctors also recommend using vaginal balls – they are sold in sex shops and are available to everyone, as well as muscle stimulants – these devices are more difficult to find, but they are available. Pay attention to sex toys, which will help to achieve orgasm.

If you are planning a pregnancy, consider: it is necessary to start exercises to strengthen the intimate muscles before conception, and not during pregnancy. If you find out that you are already pregnant, but want to start such a training session, you must first discuss this with your doctor.

How to train intimate muscles? In general, the program for training intimate muscles should be compiled individually for each girl, depending on numerous life factors. Such a program can offer in the center of sex education – just to make sure , that your instructor is certified as a specialist by imbilding.

Classes for training intimate muscles in an educational center may look different, it all depends on the institution. In our classes at Secrets, no one undresses, there are no uncomfortable moments. We offer individual consultation or group training without practice, but with subsequent online consultations. Each girl as a result receives a detailed 28-day training course, tailored specifically for her, and the opportunity at any time to contact the trainer with a question.

Exercises vumbuilding

Intimate gymnastics can be performed in specialized centers or at home. Some exercises require the use of special equipment or classes can be conducted without it. The first results will be noted in a few weeks of regular training, and to achieve the maximum effect requires a lot of effort.

To determine which muscles should be strained, try to delay urination for a couple of seconds. Smooth muscles, with which you did it and require maximum training and working out.

To improve the effectiveness of training, you need to learn how to breathe properly to ensure the maximum oxygen supply to the lungs. Lie on your back and put one palm on your chest, and the other on your stomach. Breathe as deeply as possible and watch that the hand on the stomach moves up and down, and the other remains motionless. Use such breathing while performing intimate gymnastics.

Exercises vumbuilding
Exercises vumbuilding

To train the muscles of the vagina you can use Kegel exercises, as well as training with additional accessories – vaginal balls, vacuum, and cargo simulators.

Effective exercises for vumbuilding:

  • Maximize the muscles of the anus, and then relax. Repeat the exercise daily for five minutes.
  • Take a comfortable position, strain, and relax the intimate muscles with different frequencies. You can independently adjust the interval between approaches, focusing on your feelings. Do the exercise for 5 minutes every day.
  • Lie on your back, bend your legs in the knee joints, and put the feet on the floor. Take a deep breath and stretch the muscles of the anus. Hold your breath for a few seconds, and then relax. Repeat the exercise for up to 15 minutes a day.
  • Alternately, retract, and relax the clitoris and anus within 10 minutes.

After you learn to control muscles, you can start exercises with additional accessories. Enter the vaginal ball in the vagina and try to hold it there, straining your muscles. When you learn to hold the accessory inside during the healing position, perform the exercise in an upright position or while walking.

Place the vaginal ball in the vagina and move it inside with the muscles. This exercise is quite complicated and there is no guarantee that the first time it will work out. However, regular training will bring the expected result.

To increase the strength of the vaginal muscles, the following exercise is suitable: attach a small load to the vaginal ball and place it in the vagina. Hold the weighted accessory for a few minutes. Gradually increase the weight of the weighting agent to achieve the desired progress.

Regular vumbuilding training for 15 minutes a day will help improve sexual life, prevent the development of gynecological diseases and cancer. The first attempts can cause difficulties, however, regular exercises will help to feel the muscles that need to be worked out and improve their results.

Intimate muscle exercises at home

As an example of a program ( it must be individually adapted, as we already wrote), we consider a program for training intimate muscles using vaginal balls.

For training, we use vaginal balls of different designs. Every day we insert double balls on the hitch with a diameter of 4.5 cm and wear them for 3 hours, periodically tensing the muscles ( every 10 minutes). We perform this exercise for 21 days, for 6 days in a row, 1 day a week off. In the next three weeks, we wear balls for 5 hours a day, and classes are held as follows: every 30 minutes we strain our muscles for 30 seconds, 30 seconds of relaxation – and so 5 repetitions. For the next three weeks, we carry one ball of larger weight – since the muscles have already acquired tone, the ball will not fall out.

Balls without a chain are designed for a more advanced level of training. You can put them into the vagina muscles and hold for as long, as far as possible, while on the move. Balls have a displaced center of gravity, so they will strive to fall out all the time. Gradually increase the load by changing balls: the higher the level of your skill ( and the stronger your intimate muscles) – the smaller the diameter and more weight of the ball. Aerobatics – holding two small metal balls during a two-hour fitness training. Lovers of spicy situations even go to work with balls! Read more about Trenbolone Enanthate

Very effective exercises for the development of intimate muscles in combination with general physical training, for example, jogging. When we run, the muscles relax. Therefore, when a woman runs with balls, she has more to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, as she understands, otherwise, the balls just fall out. Because of this, training seems more productive.