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Drop-set is a training technique that forces the muscles to work to the point of failure, stimulating their growth, increasing strength, power and endurance. It is used in bodybuilding and other power sports. The bottom line is a gradual reduction in the weight of the sports equipment during the exercise with a large number of repetitions.

Such exercises contribute to maximum muscle tension and work to failure. This leads to complete muscular hypertrophy and microtrauma, and also activates the recovery process, during which active muscle growth takes place. Such training allows you to achieve maximum progress, but it is worth remembering and observing the basic rules, as well as alternating this kind of exercises with others, in order to avoid overtraining.

What are drop-sets
What are drop-sets

The training may include several sets. The first is performed with the maximum weight. The exercise is repeated until there are no forces left. After reaching the point of failure, the working weight is reduced by about 20-25% and a new stage begins. Read the article about Workout for beginners.


  • Activation of muscular hypertrophy and creation of a pumping effect.
  • Increased muscle mass. Shock loading makes the muscle fibers work for wear, increases their strength and accelerates the process of achieving the goal.
  • Increased stamina, which makes it possible to make subsequent training more intensive, continuous and effective. This accelerates progress, muscle growth and ensures the formation of an ideal sports body.

Despite all the advantages, such loads have their drawbacks. Thus, the drop-set leads to severe fatigue and therefore requires a full-fledged healthy rest, otherwise the risk ofinjuries.

Types of drop sets

In sport, there are several types of drop sets. The most common – double (classic), which includes 2 sets and a weight reduction of 20%. A reduction of 25-30% is possible, but it is necessary to increase the number of repetitions in order to achieve the desired result.

The triple drop set includes three stages of training. In this case, the second and third begins with a reduction in the weight of the sports equipment by 20% of the weight of the previous one.

Popular among athletes and the reverse drop-set, during which the weight of the sports equipment increases, but the number of repetitions decreases.

The drop-superset includes the execution of several tasks involving neighboring muscles (for example, triceps and biceps during the elaboration of the hands). In this case, before the beginning of each stage, the working weight is reduced for each exercise and they are repeated again, but with a large number of approaches. This option is suitable for professional athletes with sufficient level of physical training, because it is quite complex, but very effective.

A variant of the combined training is possible, when during the set different exercises directed to one group of muscles are involved. In this case, before the beginning of the next stage, there is a decrease in burden.

Types of drop sets
Types of drop sets

Another species is forced. The essence of this lesson is the complete absence of rest between approaches. At the same time, for such a training, the help of a partner or coach is required, which will removeburdening.

Rules for carrying out drop-sets

In order to get the desired effect of shock training, you must follow certain rules. First of all, it should be understood that it is suitable for professionals or people with a sufficient level of physical fitness. For beginners this kind of exercises can be highly traumatic and impossible (which will negatively reflect on motivation).

Trainings with drop-sets are available for both sexes. However, women often do not need excessive muscle growth and increase in volume, so it is not necessary to perform the task until full failure.

For carrying out drop-sets, any strength exercises that imply the use of sports equipment with different weights are suitable. This can be training on simulators or with dumbbells, weights, bars.

Rules for carrying out drop-sets
Rules for carrying out drop-sets

To conduct such trainings is extremely rare – not more than 2 times a month. Such intense stresses exhaust muscles and deplete them, which can lead to a reverse reaction – catabolism or stopping growth. In addition, after such training requires a full recovery, otherwise the risk of injury is very high.

Drop-sets should be a component of a full-fledged workout. This technique can be used only for one group of muscles, otherwise the risk of overtraining is great. Experts recommend using a drop-set for the last basic exercise aimed at working out a certain group.

To begin “acquaintance” with this variant of training follows from a classical kind, gradually trying and including in the program other versions to strengthen efficiency.

Perform drop-sets should only be preheated, but not overfat muscle fibers. Do a warm-up, a few basic exercises, and then apply the shock technique. Suppose rest between approaches, but it should not exceed 20 seconds, otherwise the effect will be lost.

Drop-sets are a unique technique that activates muscle growth, increases stamina and allows you to achieve the desired results in a short time. To conduct such studies is permissible for people with sufficient physical training, wishing to improve their athletic performance.