What muscles to workout together in one workout?

As a rule, exercises for different muscle groups are combined in one workout, the program consists of alternating workouts. What muscle groups can be successfully combined in one session?

The bodybuilding program includes strength and cardio training, the goal is to increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, and improve health. Strength training using weights or equipment is carried out for the whole body, different muscle groups are worked out in turn. There are several principles which muscle groups to combine in one session.

Bodybuilding exercises are classified by target muscle groups. Most fitness trainers insist on combining two or more muscle groups in one workout.

It does not make sense to train one group at a time, but an abundance of exercises in one lesson will deplete energy reserves and overload the nervous system.

Many muscle groups do not function individually, small muscles support large ones, this is the basis of a strong core. Exercises for the chest affect the shoulders and triceps, the work of large muscle groups will stimulate muscle growth throughout the body. Consider which muscles can be trained together, using the three-day chart as an example.

Triceps, Chest and Shoulder Workout: Exercises and Features

These muscles work together, the pectoral muscles and shoulders are larger, the triceps located on the back of the arms are the smaller muscles. The training of the pectoral muscles is based on the bench press, dumbbell bench press, and other exercises with repulsive actions. The triceps are responsible for lifting the weight from the chest with your arms; ideal conditions for training the chest, shoulders, and triceps are created when working in a cable crossover. Before starting the next workout, the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and triceps should rest for at least a week.

Back and Biceps Workout: Anatomy, Best Exercises

Biceps performs the opposite function of triceps. If the muscles of the chest and triceps work when pushing the weight away from you, but when training the back, the efforts are aimed at pulling the weight, the biceps will work. For a day of training the back and biceps, exercises with a barbell and vertical row are suitable. Biceps curl is also great for back muscles. Biceps attract weight to the body, increases the amplitude of movements, so it is advisable to train it with your back.

Muscle Groups To Workout Together: Biceps Femoris, Glutes, And Calf Muscles

All these muscles are involved in performing squats, lunges, and other exercises on the lower body. The calf muscles work independently, while the hip biceps are involved in every hip movement, and the gluteus muscles support the biceps and other muscles of the thigh. During these trainings, the gluteus, calf muscles, and biceps femoris will develop and the hamstrings, this increases the mobility of the lower extremities.

This example is focused on three-day training, but the program can be any – designed for two days or for as long as six days. The number of exercises and the frequency of training depends not only on the part of the body but also on the level of training. Bodybuilding beginners rarely train one muscle group more often than once a week, more experienced athletes can train one group twice a week. It is important to build on the principle of teamwork and understand which muscle groups to combine in one session, this will accelerate progress and significantly save time.