5 things that you should never do before a hard workout



Every experienced coach will tell you that hard workout is not just another ordinary day in the hall – it requires stamina and concentration of a completely different level. That’s why the preparation for such training is extremely important. Do any of the following pre-training mistakes and personal records will result in personal failures. If you don’t know how to run properly, read the next article.

1. Large weights in front of light weights


Large weights in front of light weights
Man practising weightlifting

Many beginners in gyms are sincerely sure that in order to become stronger, you must always work exclusively with large weights. As a result, when a really hard day comes, they are already tired and have not recovered sufficiently after the previous training. “My favorite phrase is that you do not need to work with large weights to work with large weights,” says LiftHacks owner and coach of the Canadian powerlifting team Justin Reeson. “The main thing is to properly load muscles, rest well and always strive for maximum physical fitness.” Trust the process, not your own ego, and let the results speak for themselves.

2. Lack of / excess sleep

Ever went to work, sleeping only a couple of hours? (Let’s be frank, but who did not do it?) Then you understand very well how difficult it is for a rested brain to have any thoughts. “Now imagine that you are lifting such a heavy weight, which is enough to kill you,” Reason warns.

Lack of / excess sleep
Lack of / excess sleep

Lack of sleep adversely affects the strength, concentration, coordination, operation of the central nervous system and, of course, recovery. At the same time, excess sleep can cause instability and inhibition. Sufficient sleep (usually eight hours) is an important condition for achieving maximum performance. For this reason, many professional trainers believe that tracking the sleep time is as important as watching the diet and indicators in training.

3. Waiver of breakfast

Cardio on an empty stomach right after waking up can come up if your goal is to lose weight. However, if it concerns the build-up of muscles, at best it is counterproductive, and at worst – a catastrophe. To put it bluntly, heavy training presupposes intensity, and for intensity, fuel is needed. “Whenever possible, heavy training should be accompanied by a sufficient amount of water and as much glycogen as possible,” Reason explains. “You must be full, healthy and physically fit.” Malnutrition is one of the most common causes of decreased training effectiveness. And in bad days, this factor will affect your performance especially strongly.

4. Overeating



The last thing you want to think about while at the bottom of the squat is the rumbling of the stomach. In addition to being very embarrassed, overeating before training can cause bloating and inertia – factors that easily violate all of your plans for productive work in the gym. “In addition to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, there are not many difficulties that can exert such a strong influence on the body,” Reason explains. Very often weightlifters are given gluttony before competition or intensive training, mistakenly believing that calories are more important than comfort. There is nothing wrong with eating more. The main thing is that your body is comfortable with so many meals.

5. Alcohol consumption in the evening before training

It goes without saying that drinking alcohol to intoxication / intoxication can lead to dehydration, weakness and delay in muscle recovery, which adversely affects performance. The abuse of strong drinks also disrupts the sleep regime, leads to weight gain and disrupts protein synthesis (the production of new proteins by the body). Nevertheless, a small “soothing” the night before a frightening competition or training, maybe just what the doctor prescribed. “People who are prone to excessive analysis and can not be distracted from thoughts about training or competition, a small amount of alcohol (30 ml or so) can help curb their emotions,” Reason said. Although, if you are really so tense, then we advise you not to immediately reach for the bottle.