Fitness for the face: exercises that every woman should know about

Fitness for the face


  • “Starry” secret of youth
  • Work on the face
  • When fitness does not help
  • Smile, whistle, chewing gum and kisses

At the word “fitness” we represent the gym, exercise bikes, and people in sports form, perfecting their body. However, this picture can be completely different, because a similar name is popular in the XXI century variety of beauty treatments.

Fitness for the face – a set of exercises that do not require the purchase of a subscription, going to the gym, and exhausting training. And every woman can master this “wisdom”.

“Starry” secret of youth

The task of the beautiful half of humanity is to remain beautiful as long as possible. Creams, serums, masks, scrubs, tonics … All this is a part of every home “beauty salon”. However, they are not able to affect the condition of the muscles, which are a natural “skeleton” for the skin of the face. Over time, it begins to weaken, which leads not only to the appearance of wrinkles but also to the sagging of unaesthetic flews. And in this situation will not save any, even the most expensive means.

To prevent the degradation of facial muscles, facelifting was invented. The people did not get used to the difficult name, and this technique was called fitness for the face; another name – gymnastics for the cheeks. What are its advantages?

  • prevention of wrinkles;
  • elimination of existing wrinkles;
  • increased muscle tone;
  • a rush of blood to the tissues of the skin;
  • elimination of the second chin;
  • modeling the face oval;
  • getting rid of swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

Fans of “facial charging” claim: this technique for muscles allows you to throw up to ten years. The effectiveness of such a phenomenon as facelifting is said by the names of the world stars actively practicing it. This is Gwyneth Paltrow, Jen Aniston, and even Madonna. But simple women can take advantage of the achievements of facelifting instructors. To do this, it is enough to learn a number of exercises and regularly perform them.

Work on the face

What is fitness for a person in action? As an example, here are some effective exercises that will help tighten problem areas and restore skin elasticity. Experts recommend performing them in front of a mirror.

  1. One of the first on the face of a woman appears wrinkles in the so-called nasolabial zone. To reduce their manifestations to a minimum will help fitness for the face. Point fingers to the corners of the mouth. It should be opened as if you were saying the sound “O”. After that, you need to slowly move your fingers up, to the wings of the nose. Repeat the manipulation in reverse order, and so – several times. After some time in the area of ​​the facial muscles, there will be some tension, reaching the burning sensation. This is the signal: it means it’s time to gently massage them with your fingertips and finish the facelift.
  2. The second chin is the reason for the experience of many women. To prevent sagging of the jawline, you need to create the appearance of a narrow mouth. To do this, put your lips inside, as much as possible pressing them to the teeth. Then slowly open fitness and nutrition and close your mouth at least five times, fixing the tension on the lower part of the face. The final step of facelifting is to maximally push the chin forward, and so five times in a row.
  3. Swelling under the eyes can completely ruin the day. And here facelift will come to the rescue. With your index fingers, touch the lower part of the outer corner of the eye. Try to squint. If everything is done correctly, then you will feel a shiver under the pads: so strained muscles. At this moment roll the eyeballs to the ceiling, head back and lean forward. In this position, you need to remain seconds 40, no less.
  4. To tighten the muscles of the cheekbones, use the following exercise. With a strong emphasis, fix the index fingers on the cheekbones. Open your mouth to smile. In this case, the upper lip should be “stretched” on the upper lip and the lower lip on the lower teeth. If facelifting is performed correctly, the tension will feel the lips, but not the cheekbones; and the cheeks seem to “slip” down. Relax and repeat 20 times.

This is not a complete list of exercises that are part of a system called “fitness for the face”. It is possible that some of them will not be completed immediately. However, under the condition of constant training, success will not keep you waiting. After charging for the face from wrinkles will bring the expected effect, only if it becomes for you a habitual beauty procedure and not a temporary hobby.

When fitness does not help

Before you begin to practice fitness for the face, you should know about contraindications. And they are as follows:

  • braces on the teeth;
  • severe purulent eruptions on the face (acne);
  • open wounds on the skin;
  • circular lifting of the face made recently;
  • diseases that caused circulatory disorders in the head zone;
  • the disease of the brain.

In these cases, charging for a person can lead to negative consequences, so that this beauty system will have to be abandoned. In addition, facelifting is not recommended for young girls under the age of 16-18. At this age, the condition of the facial muscles differs in good tone and therefore does not need to be adjusted.

Smile, whistle, chewing gum and kisses

In addition to special fitness exercises, there are other ways to strengthen the line of facial muscles that each of us knows about. They are the forerunner of what is now called the fashionable word “facelifting”. For this you need:

  • as often as possible to smile. This allows you to use different muscle groups, improves the elasticity of the skin;
  • whistle. Whistling is a good prevention of the formation of fine wrinkles around the mouth, improves the color and the shape of the lips;
  • chewing gum. Specific movements that simulate fitness for the face, contribute to strengthening the contour of the chin;
  • kiss. Like a smile, kisses allow you to activate a large number of muscles, “responsible” for the condition of the face.

By the way, this exercise for facial muscles has no contraindications. So combine business with pleasure and stay young as long as possible!