The system of lethal training, or what is crossfit


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A person strives for perfection in all directions, and power sports are no exception. A relatively new discipline, called CrossFit, is rapidly gaining popularity. This system of training causes lively debate among fitness experts, doctors, coaches, professional athletes.

 Let’s consider in detail what a crossfit is, what are the advantages of this system, who can, and who should not be engaged in cross-media.

Short story

The term “crossfit” is now understood as a sporting movement based on the philosophy of multilateral physical development. Simultaneously, this is the name of the fitness company, which was founded in 2000 by athletes Greg Glassman and Lauren Genai. Crossfit exercises are divided into purely athletic, designed for people without professional sports training, and more complex, which are practiced by trained athletes for competitive purposes.

The ideologist of this sporting trend is Greg Glassman, a former professional gymnast. The first room for practicing crossfire was opened in California in 2001. For 15 years of development of a new direction in power sports around the world, about 4,000 rooms were opened, in which this system is practiced. In some countries (for example, in Canada) crossfit is officially included in the program of training for special forces of the armed forces, fire brigades. There is even a direction CrossFit Kids, designed specifically for children.

Experts define crossfit as a training system that develops all physical qualities of an athlete – endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, coordination. In this case, the means to achieve these qualities can be very different. Classes usually include rapidly alternating circular workouts of different directions.

General information

Cross-training is characterized by high intensity, constant change of exercises and includes elements:

  • heavy and athletics,
  • bodybuilding,
  • powerlifting,
  • fitness,
  • classical gymnastics,
  • kettlebell lifting.

The purpose of the classes is to develop physical qualities, improve the working capacity of the heart, blood vessels, respiratory system, teach the body to quickly adapt to changing loads. Periodic starvation is not so good as you may think.

A typical cross-training can combine such types of sports activities as sprint races, simulating rowing (on special simulators), rope climbing, working with dumbbells, weights, weights, gymnastic exercises on rings, rolling of huge tires.


There are no restrictions in terms of loads for coaches and athletes, which is why some experts are negative about this discipline. In particular, it is widely believed that crossfit is harmful to the heart and has an increased risk of injury. People without any preparation to engage in this discipline is not recommended.

At present, CrossFit is practiced as a competitive sport. The community of adherents of this trend is growing, local cross-fencing competitions, as well as online contests are held almost all over the world. Crossfit in Russia also has a sufficient number of fans: the halls in which the program of intensive physical development are practiced are open practically in all major cities of the country.

Basic principles and rules of training

True crossfat fans can train up to 12 times a week. Morning classes usually include strength training, in the evening there are various functional exercises – running, swimming, cycling.

The CrossFit system is available in many variants, but the classical technique is practiced only in the network of certified gyms. The company trains instructors and issues licenses to sports halls wishing to become part of the worldwide network of CrossFit Inc. Branches can develop their own training methods and set prices.

Classes consist of a general warm-up, developing unit and 10-15 minutes of high-intensity training. Network fitness halls, where a crossfit is practiced, usually develop a “day training” that covers a specific (every day a different) area of ​​physical fitness or a target muscle group. To increase the motivation of participants, the elements of the competition are used, such as scoring and reaching different levels.

The basic rules of training:

  • Maximum intensity for each workout;
  • The more often you train, the better;
  • The minimum rest between exercises (or better – its complete absence);
  • Change the direction of loads in each lesson.

True followers of this fitness movement, in addition to training in the gym, practice cross-home at home, using push-ups, pull-ups, jumps, endurance exercises, sprinting. CrossFit is also an extensive network community: on a daily basis on the Internet, athletes and coaches post new training programs, articles and videos on exercise techniques, materials on proper nutrition for achieving the best results.


The use of crossfit is, first of all, in comprehensive physical development. Clearly, the program is suitable only for absolutely healthy people with a certain level of physical fitness. In any case, a preliminary consultation with a doctor or an expert on cross-media is mandatory.


Let’s list the main advantages of this popular sports direction:

  • The development of will power: to throw lessons halfway through, not having finished training, – against the rules of cross-fencing. Started the range of exercises (complex) must necessarily finish, and it is desirable to beat yesterday’s record. Ability to overcome yourself, to do the impossible is an obligatory quality for a real athlete.
  • Transformation of the body. High intensity of training makes it easy to lose weight. Approximately 1,000 calories are burned per exercise. If you still eat right, the results will not take long.
  • Maximum effect in a short time.
  • The possibility of classes both in the group and individually.
  • Development of endurance and strength. The followers of the crossfite have a strong and firm musculature, a clear portrayal of the veins and a pronounced muscular strength.
  • No age restrictions. You can also do crossfit after 50, the main thing is to allow health. Athletes of this age are completely free to enter the competition.

Possible harm

Opponents of the new trend in power sports believe that not everyone should be engaged in such an intensive and intensive program. The main harm of a crossfit is the extreme loads that a beginner gets almost at the first lesson.

At the same time, there is no clear guidance for beginners. Some experts believe that the intensity of training is dangerous not only for neophytes, but also for experienced athletes. Extreme training – always increased trauma and the risk of cardiovascular complications. Since the athletes are guided not by technique, but by speed and weight, when exercising, the likelihood of causing damage is repeatedly increased.


Not all professional athletes accept and approve CrossFit. For example, the well-known sportsman Sergei Badyuk about the crossfire responds extremely negatively, considering that intensive training is detrimental to the myocardium (muscle tissue of the heart) and contributes to its wear.

On the question “is crossfit harmful?” Each of the athletes, in the long run, answers himself. Obviously, this discipline is more suitable for those athletes who already have experience in bodybuilding or other power disciplines.

Examples of exercises

You will not be able to train without shells at all. We need, at least, a bar and a pair of dumbbells. It is also desirable to have a small bag of sand for exercises with weight.

Examples of simple and effective exercises:

  1. The fastest pull-ups on the bar, which are made jerky. In one round, 15 repetitions are done.
  2. Explosive squats. They are done like ordinary squats, but at the moment when you need to get up, you need to jump out as much as possible. 15 repetitions are also done.
  3. Lifting the legs on the bar.Hanging on a horizontal bar, quickly and intensively pull your legs to your stomach.
  4. The Burpy . Sit down, pulling your legs to your chest and leaning your hands on the floor. Throw the legs back, standing up to the point of lying, then go back to the starting position and make the highest jump up.
  5. Explosive push-ups. Normal push-ups, in which the top of the palm of the hand break away from the floor.

There are hundreds, and perhaps even thousands, of power intensive programs: each student chooses exercises according to his personal preferences. The general advice – do not force loads from the first sessions, performing the maximum number of repetitions and circles, let the body adapt to extreme conditions.