How Safe Is Anavar Steroid?

how safe is anavar steroid

When I heard about Anavar, I was excited. After all, for a guy with an average body and average genes, it seemed impossible to get rid of that fat and achieve that perfectly toned and muscular body. Moreover, with all those regular workout sessions at the gym, I knew I had reached my genetic limitations. Despite those many years in the gym, trying out new routines and techniques, I was still not able to reach my goals. My body was sure changing but at a very slow pace. Nothing seemed to give the results I wanted despite those high-intensity workouts and training.

Today, I am very happy with myself and even happier to share my secrete with you. For years I have been using Anavar to build my muscle mass, and I was able to achieve the kind of progression I want. However, today, I am no longer using Anavar but have something even better and more effective than that. I am confident in saying so as I have tried different tactics to achieve my goals and did make many mistakes. As they say, you learn from your mistakes and your experience.

However, there is no need for you to go through that path and make the same mistakes that I did. After all, this is why I am sharing my story and experience with you so that you can take advantage of my secret and learn from my mistakes. I am going to show you how to build a proper gym routine and the use of periodization.

Still, there is one more important gym secret, and it is the most important one. I have found a great alternative for Anavar, and the best part is that it is safe and legal. So, read on to know more about my experience with Anavar and what makes me recommend something else. I want you all to enjoy the terrific results that I am witnessing for myself, and they are for real!

All You Need To Know About Anavar

is anavar safeAnavar the commercial name of a chemical compound, Oxandrolone. G.D Searle and co. first created the anabolic androgenic steroid under the brand name “Anavar” in 1962, and the purpose was to prevent muscle loss. Gradually the bodybuilders began using the steroid to preserve muscles as it helped them to boost the anabolism.

Today, Anavar does not exist in the market but is still referred to by bodybuilders as oxandrolone and other brand names like Protivar, Oxandrin, and Lonavar. Oxandrolone is one of the most expensive steroids you can buy. One needs a legal prescription to buy Oxandrolone, and it is not an over-the-counter drug.

So, that is the first limitation of Anavar, as it is expensive and illegal to buy without a prescription. Although some illegal manufacturers and suppliers are supplying the steroid, it is not recommended.

The Reality of Anabolic Steroids

Many myths surround the use of anabolic steroids, and that leaves one wondering as to what would happen to them and what would they look like after using these steroids. Well, I will guide you to the real truth about these anabolic steroids, cutting through all that jargon and myths and focus on what you would like to know.

I am not here to lie to you or spin fake about getting those fantastic results with and without steroids. It feels good to see that well-built guy from YouTube who claims to have achieved this huge muscular body with a strict healthy diet and regular gym sessions. While discipline is must but he purposely avoids using the word steroids in order to keep away any criticism. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to achieve that muscular body without any chemicals?

The truth is that our bodies have certain limits and it just cannot grow after a certain limit. It is written in our genetics and metabolism that our body will retain a certain percentage of body fat. So no matter how much you sweat out in the gym, your body will always get dictated by your genetics. Those natural boundaries will prevent you from achieving that sculptured body. You need to do a bit more than just the natural approach and need that slight push that is possible only with the help of steroids.

Anavar is indeed one of the safest steroids but thanks to the lots of misinformation surrounded it, people often get afraid of steroids. The truth is that with professional guidance, you can go ahead and use these steroids which are indeed fantastic and can help you reach your bodybuilding goals without any side effects!

Still, one should not look at steroids as the short cut to success, and you need to understand them thoroughly before using them.

The Downsides of Steroids

While steroids like Anavar are used to get that ultimate aesthetic look and build muscle mass as well as increase body strength levels, they are often administered recklessly. The result is plenty of side effects. Thus, you need to be careful about how are you using those steroids.

As a steroid user, I have seen both, three good and the bad side of these steroids. Therefore, I am in the right position to spill the beans and guide you to the truth.

You just cannot rely on the steroids alone. You need to maintain a good physical routine and a healthy diet along with the supplements. Thus, ensure that you follow great nutrition and a proper diet that will make your body stronger naturally.

As good nutrition and supplements cost money, be ready to put in lots of time, money and efforts in this direction. It is quite expensive to maintain a regular gym routine along with the kind of nutrition and a proper steroid cycle.

You need to follow a responsible use of steroids, depending on your body. Or, you could face some undesired side effects. I must admit that in the initial years, because of my limited knowledge of Anavar and their use, I did make a fast improvement but faced some side effects.

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The good news is that significant progress has been made in the supplement industry in the last few decades and today, there are much safer and better alternatives to Anavar available in the market.

Why You Can Still Trust Anavar?

Over the years, I have used several different anabolic steroids. While some of them gave me the desired results, I had to face unexpected side effects. When I look back, it is only Anavar that I feel I can trust the most.

Before using Anavar, I was a bit skeptical about using it. So, I researched a lot about the steroid, its usage, and side effects. I learned that it was one of the few steroids out there that gave the best results with minimum side effects.

Let me explain things to you in simple words. Steroids leave two effects on your body, anabolic and androgenic. What your body wants is more of the anabolic and less of the androgenic side effects. The anabolic properties of steroids help to burn the fat and increase muscle mass. You increase your appetite, raise the protein synthesis and improve red blood cell production in the body. All those effects lead to improved muscle mass and bone health.

At the same time, your body faces the androgenic effects of steroids schuss as lower testosterone production that can slow down your sexual drive. They can activate the sebaceous glands, thus leading to acne and hair fall.

What is good about Anavar is that it exhibits more of the anabolic than the androgenic effect when compared to other steroids such as Deca-Durabolin. I strongly advocate the steroid because of its very high anabolic potential and the lower androgenic potential.

As for me, when I realized the goodness of Anavar, I made sensible and responsible use of the steroid and have enjoyed only the positive effects and have faced minimum side effects. This is the reason why I trust Anavar!

Safety of receiving Anavar and its properties

Anavar belongs to the Dihydrotestosterone family along with other drugs such as Masteron, Primobolan, Winstrol and several others. A common feature of these drugs is that they all evolved from DHT. Therefore, DHT is considered the “parental” hormone for all compounds in the family. Anavar has a characteristic marked predominance of anabolic action over androgenic effects (this is clearly seen when comparing the anabolic index (322–630) with androgenic (24)). As for Testosterone, it has an index ratio of 100: 100. It is obvious that Oxandrolone has a much less androgenic effect and a markedly more pronounced anabolic effect than Testosterone. Anavar’s anabolic activity can be 3-6 times higher than the similar effects of Testosterone, while the concomitant androgenic activity of Anavar is estimated to be insignificant. In addition, Oxandrolone did not show any estrogenic activity or progestogen activity. Tren Enanth 200 safety steroid

It is obvious that the described properties of Anavar make it very attractive for use in sports and bodybuilding. With its help, it is possible to achieve improved results at the stages of mass increase and increase in strength when fluid retention is undesirable. This steroid is also used in cases where it is necessary to reduce body fat, preserving muscle mass if possible, despite the restriction in calories. At this point, again, accumulation of fluids and fats should be avoided. As can be seen from the above, Anavar may well be considered a universal drug.

Anavar for women

We know that anabolic steroids are a type of medication that contain a synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone (or variation). In the same way, we know that testosterone is responsible for causing growth in the body . Most people do not believe that an effective increase in testosterone production can be for women, and it can have positive effects .

The way testosterone works is quite complex and has several direct and indirect effects. First of all, this is the dramatic effect that it has on muscle growth and its undeniable increase in strength . Indirectly, increasing the amount of testosterone that their body produces, women will experience increased energy, improved sexual desire, healthy bones and joints, faster recovery and improvement feelings of well-being.

anavar women

But too much testosterone in women can have negative / side effects and it is here that Anavar (Oxandrolone) is the most valuable tool for women who want to improve their athletic performance . Due to its structural characteristics and subsequent effects, women who are afraid of the masculinizing effects of many steroids will very comfortable and safe using this medication.

Minimal androgenic activity of Anavar is mainly the result of its preparation from dihydrotestorone. This contradicts testosterone, which, due to its conversion to dihydrotestorone, is several times more active in androgen-sensitive target tissues. In fact, Anavar has a more fair level of potency between androgen target tissues and muscles.

Anavar is not body flavored , and it is not reliably estrogenic. You will not retain water during the cycle, and therefore avoid the large bulky muscle gaze that causes some steroids. Anavar was designed to have a marked separation of androgenic and anabolic effects and is ideal for high quality muscle mass and impressive benefits.This is favored in sports where high quality tissue without water retention.

The Good About Anavar

is anavar safe for womenBefore I tell you about all the good things about Anavar, it is essential to understand that each body is different. The steroid is likely to give varying results with different users. What I can tell you is based on my experience with the steroid.

The first thing I liked about Anavar was that it could be ingested in the pill form. I was glad to get rid of those oxandrolone injections. After all, who like to get needled daily? Now, all I had to do was to take the steroid in the tablet form. Moreover, the steroid is just perfect for any beginner who is not looking for any harsh compounds very early on in his life.

Anavar is indeed a godsend when it comes to building muscle and burning fat, especially in the thigh and abdomen regions. Because of its impressive anabolic properties, I could feel the positive impact in my daily routine. Now I could last for longer workouts and could move to higher loads faster. Thinks to the steroids, I could adjust to the more demanding gym routines. And it was because of the increased supply of blood and oxygen to my muscles.

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And when used in a responsible manner, you can expect the least risks or side effects. As the steroid helps to improve vascularity, your muscles get more nourishment. Your body doesn’t retain water, and you can get lean muscles. I noticed that I felt more energetic and my recovery time decreased between sets. My muscles felt a lot more responsive when I went back to my next gym session. This was great for me as I was literally exhausted after every workout at the gym.

With the regular use of Anavar, my strength gradually increased. The surge of strength promotes muscle contraction during workouts, and it is primarily because of the increased vascularity.

Many of you might be disappointed in seeing that your muscle gains are not as speedy as your gain of strength. However, I suggest that you make good use of your increased strength and go for longer workout sessions and go for load progression. This is how your muscle mass will grow eventually. I know there are many athletes out there who are looking for flexibility and strength rather than muscle mass. Well, Anavar works perfectly for them as it can raise their strength and power.

Anavar carries an impressive fat-burning potential and helps to shred the body fat fast. I must admit that with Anavar. I experienced the most effective fat loss from the body and without any reduction of the muscle mass.

I recommend Anavar for women as I consider that it is the safest steroid for them. Women are looking for lean muscles, and because of the low androgenic potential, Anavar can help them build strength without getting bulky. It is best suited for women as it is unlikely to cause any masculine side effects that are not at all desirable for women.

Another good news about Anavar is that it does not stay in the blood for more than three weeks as compared to other steroids that stay in your body for at least ten weeks. Well, this is certainly not good news for those who need to give the doping test!

When summarizing the pros of using Anavar, well it sure accelerates fat loss and builds strength levels and leads to visible fat loss around the abs section. You build lean muscle faster and gain strength because of higher muscle mass and density. There are no feminine side-effects for men or masculine side-effects for women as the steroid doesn’t aromatize. In other words, it is a powerful anabolic with minimum androgenic effects. With increased energy in your body and lower fat, you can train harder and longer and more often than before.

However, the above discussion doesn’t give the complete picture of Anavar as I still need to discuss the downsides of using this effective steroid. Although it is the best choice out there, you still need to be extra careful as you can still face side effects due to any irresponsible use of the steroid.

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Anavar May Not Be 100% Safe

The discussion on Anavar is indeed incomplete without discussing its side-effects. Although it is a lot safer than other steroids in the market, most professional sports organizations do not authorize its use.

First of all, you need a legal prescription to use Anavar, and it is illegal to buy the steroid without a prescription. Thus, you will need to make efforts to buy the steroid legally and through the right channels.

Many online suppliers are selling the Anavar online, but it is not advisable to buy the steroid without professional knowledge and advice. After all, it can be dangerous if you are not very sure as to what you are buying and what you’re doing.

Personally speaking, I have not faced any of those side effects advertised with Anavar. Moreover, I firmly believe that if one follows the directions and instructions about using the steroid, it is unlikely that they would face those side effects.

However, as I said before, a lot depends on your body, your genetics and, your metabolism that may or may not lead to some of the potential side effects associated with the use of the steroid. I recommend the responsible and right use of the steroid to keep away from those side effects of Anavar.
Here are some of the cons that you should be aware of before using the steroid.

As Anavar carries a low androgenic potential and thus it is unlikely that you should face any problems with your testosterone. However, if you misuse the product or are genetically predisposed, you may face acne and hair loss. Any excessive testosterone can attack the hair follicles and stimulate the sebaceous glands. As a result, you suffer from hair loss and acne.

As for me, I never had to face any of those issues, and my skin and hair are in good condition despite the regular use of the steroid.

Another side effect which is not desired is known as testicular atrophy in medical terms, and it means shrinking testicles. Androgenic signals sent by Anavar can lower the testosterone production by the testis, and as a result, the testis will slack down and get smaller in size. Thus, one is likely to experience a lower sexual drive.

I would suggest not to team up Anavar with other steroids as those stronger androgenic signals can be read as extra testosterone by the body. You will need to make higher efforts to get back to the regular testosterone production.

You could have potential liver problems as Anavar can increase blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The steroid goes straight to your liver once it is absorbed in the gut. Also, one can face several health issues because of high cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

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I suggest that all those who are already aware of their liver problems should reconsider taking the steroid. The liver is a vital organ that filters the blood and regulates body metabolism. Anavar is hepatotoxic, and it is not easy to break down by the liver. Thus, it can leave an adverse impact on the liver. Also, if you take Anavar with other steroids, you are likely to cause more damage to the liver.

Some people experience higher blood cholesterol with the intake of Anavar. However, those negative impacts are more pronounced among those who already suffer from cardiovascular issues and are obese. There are lower or no risk for those who are fit and follow a good diet. Anavar changes the way your body handles fat. Thus, I strongly recommend consulting your doctor if you have suffered from heart ailments before.

Another downside of Anavar is that you might suffer from anxiety and insomnia once you start taking this steroid. Thus, one needs to be careful about the usage as it can lead to a panic attack and severe insomnia.

Although earlier I suggested Anavar to be safe for women, any irresponsible usage can lead to some testosterone-like effects like facial hair and enlarged clitoris or even abnormal menstrual periods. However, a lot relies on the individual body and intensity and frequency of the training itself.

Anavar can make you feel low as it lowers the fertility rate and thus one can forget about having kids. You need to go in for post cycle therapy to recover your fertility levels.

You might wonder that there is indeed a long list of negatives about Anavar, despite it being the safest anabolic steroids out there. Well, that doesn’t mean that you should give up even before trying the steroid. As I said earlier, a lot relies on an individual body and the responsible usage of the steroid.

Anavar has gained popularity over the years as it can perform quite well for physique definition and achieving fat loss. Moreover, it has proved that it is an excellent product for gaining strength and bulking. Still one has to be careful about the dosages and administration of the steroid. Medical applications call for a general dosage range of 2.5 – 20mg per day for muscle growth and athletics. However, as there are different results with different people, one should find the right dosage and cycle for their body.

I would like to suggest another alternative to Anavar, and it is known as Anvarol.

A Safe Alternative in Anvarol

anavar safeI must tell you that I have recently discontinued the use of Anavar and it is because I have found a better and safer substitute for it. It is known as Anvarol and shows the same positive effects as promised by Anavar.

Anvarol consists of ingredients that are backed up by science and scientific results. Most people are getting good results using this steroid, including me. What matters most in a steroid are the ingredients, and the good news about Anvarol is that it carries high-quality ingredients that are very effective.

The main ingredients in Anvarol include ATP, BCAAs, and Yam root. Adenosine triphosphate or ATP is an energy source for every cell and creates energy. Anvarol boosts up ATP molecules, and it means more energy for a longer time. With higher ATP levels, one finds a dramatic rise in their body strength and energy. As Anvarol stimulates the phosphocreatine production in the muscle, one can expect higher strength and energy. Thus, you get more energy and power to lift those heavy iron sets. And this happens because of the ATP molecules in the muscles. With increased phosphocreatine production, the ATP molecules are created much faster and thus what you enjoy is a regular stream of power and energy. Thus, now you can lift heavier weights and for a much longer time.

Wild Yam Root, another ingredient in Anvarol helps to lower inflammation and get rid of any fatigue. Thus, you get that much-needed energy for longer workouts and can regulate your cholesterol and hormone production.

BCAAs are always known to be the most effective supplement for bodybuilding because of the numerous benefits. They help to lower fatigue and burn fat to create energy as well as raise protein synthesis. All those impacts lead to muscle growth.

As Anvarol helps getting rid of water retention in the body, we are likely to feel less bloated and fitter. What you can look forward to is a lot leaner and vascular physique.

You will not only gain more strength but see improvement in your blood supply and an increase in your muscle density and mass. With Anvarol, I feel a lot safer and confident as I am not using any illegal and unsafe product here. I recommend Anvarol strongly for those who are getting slower results in gyms and want to improve their energy and strength.

Still, do not treat Anvarol as a magic pill as it is indeed not the best mass builder around. It is mainly for those looking for fat loss and preserving lean muscle mass. The steroid indeed speeds up results especially if you are training hard. As Anvarol is made of only natural and safe ingredients, it is a strong and effective alternative for Anavar. There are no dangerous side effects or health risks involved here.

With Anvarol, you are likely to get results within a month. It is a good idea to try Anvarol before trying out any other steroid or procedure as you are not placing yourself at any kind of risk here.

I have been using Anvarol for the past few years and Based on my results and experience, well it sure is working. And, I have not faced any side effects I feel a lot more energetic during my workouts, and I think this is a great supplement for those looking for an edge in their sports. Still, consult your trainer and focus on your body before using the supplement. Another essential tip I would give is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

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    1. I suggest Boldenon. The most used and loved steroid by athletes. Since it has practically no androgenic impacts it is probably the safest steroid available in the market.

  1. Does Anavar affect your heart? I know most of the steroids do but I just want to know particularly about the Anavar?

    1. This medication is usually used for short-term treatment only. Misuse or abuse of an anabolic steroid can eventually cause serious side effects, including heart failure.

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